Haircare Is Self-Care: Here's How To Achieve It

Why Haircare Matters To Great Self-Care

Frivolous, time-wasting and pointless accusations have been leveled at haircare routines at times. Each to their own, naturally. But I prefer a world with haircare rituals included; with all the thoughtfully-scented, hair-nourishing active-ingredients it can take. It's not all there, is it? I have five to ten minutes each day that are all mine. I can go to the bathroom and unwind, relax and decompress.

Woman relaxing in bathtub

As someone who is passionate about self-care, trying to live a normal life, understanding the meaning of White Lotus/socialise/pay taxes/recyclable responsibly/free Britney/do laundry, it doesn't feel unnecessary. And I know I am not the only one. Routines and rituals are more important than you think. They can help us achieve our goals. They are able to regulate emotions, improve performance, and maintain social connections. They can help you to buffer against uncertainty and can also play a significant role in restoring control.

Shampooed hair in middle of wash

Rituals, no matter how insignificant or small, help us feel a sense of agency and order amid the chaos of life. Routines can help us feel more confident and move forward, and even help us achieve all kinds of goals. Routines and rituals provide calm and certainty. We know what's coming next, what will happen during the next phase, and what we'll experience. This is a huge flow effect. This can help us feel confident, and it can also propel the motivation pendulum to make us believe that we can accomplish the next tasks. Self-care has obvious benefits for the body: great hair, hygiene (essential, non-negotiable), overall well-being, etc. But, its internal benefits are often overlooked.

Both men and women can benefit from daily haircare routines that are tailored to their needs. A haircare regimen can be used to set the tone for the day and help you achieve self-care. It's not just a placebo or jojoba oil-soaked placebo that you are reaping the rewards of. When you take the time to care for your body and do your beauty routine, there are legitimate, positive neurochemical reactions that occur.

Man grooming hair in mirror

Haircare routines can be self-soothing rituals. However, they can help reduce anxiety because they enable us to connect mindfully through our senses of touch, smell, and sight. This can be very grounding. I don't need it to be said twice that using Sea Salt spray and Curl Cream makes my hair look great and helps me feel calmer, more relaxed and less stressed.

Despite all the positives I know, it can be difficult to find the time and fight for these benefits. It is best to stick to the basics. To save time and energy, you don't have to follow fancy routines. Consistency and familiarity are key to good health. You can start small by deciding what time you wake up, where you'll have your morning coffee, and how often you'll eat.

It is important to make it easier for you to make decisions. After that is done, you can start to think about other important matters like how to get an Crown of Curls without putting in too much effort. Who wouldn't like that haircare routine?