Wuli (woo-lee) v.

To wake up / get up / grow up; Orig. Bambara – Malian dialect


They say life's a journey, with every day offering us a new opportunity to be better than the day before. When you think about yesterday (literally, the day before today), you probably can identify doing these three things without fail: you woke up, got out of bed and showed up to face the world and did at least one thing that either taught you something new, connected you with someone new or brought you somewhere new. 

Even on our most boring days, we all do these actions. The first two are automatic. The last one is always open-ended. One word we felt that defines these daily life actions was Wuli. Native to the dialect Bambara of the West African nation Mali, Wuli is something that already connects all of us. When you think of daily wins, Wuli is what you did to make those wins happen. 

Once you’ve achieved the first two actions, facing number three usually involves facing the world outside your front door. With Wuli Grooming, step three doesn’t have to be so scary. Because no matter what you learn, who you meet or where you go next, you’ve already set yourself up for a successful Wuli day – how sweet is that?