Ah winter…you gotta love this time of the year – layering up is back, hot drinks & red wine is preferred and trips to ski mountains are on the agenda. If you have curly hair though, one thing that’s hard to love about winter is the dry air. Just like La Nina can leave you with frizzy curls, winter can be just as much of a pain. 

Don’t fret, we get you at Wuli Grooming! We’ve got just the right tips courtesy of our curly hair care specialist Tomi Boone from Sydney-based Salon Curls and Natural Hair to help keep your locks red-hot even when the temps are in single digits.

Here’s some of Tomi’s top tips for how to maintain epic curls in winter:

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise 

Moisturising cream is definitely your hair’s best friend during the winter season. Think, leave-in cream. Something that will soften and strengthen your curls while giving the cold, dry winter the middle finger all at once.  Key ingredients to look out for in your moisturising cream include Argan oil, Caster Seed oil and Shea Butter.

Anyone of them will do your curls good. All three combined? Magic.

Ethnic girl with curly kinky hair looking into distance

Go deep (conditioning) or go home

Moisturising is only part of the process. Deep conditioning is how you lock it in. A good conditioner will protect your curls against whatever nature throws its way. Its how the detangling and smoothing process starts for good hair. Good conditioning always starts in the shower, but what gets washed out when the tap is running, can only last so long.

That’s why a leave-in conditioner is so important. Key ingredients for deep conditioning include Aloe Vera, Jojoba, Olive Leaf, and Wheat Protein

And don’t forget your ends. They’ll thank you later.
Back view of woman post-shower managing her hair

It all starts at the ‘Poo & ‘Co wash
(shampoo & conditioner of course)

Give your hair extra lovin’ and use a quality moisturising shampoo and conditioner. Your hair is more vulnerable when it’s wet. That's why it is important to use a  shampoo and conditioner that will give extra moisture and prevent the natural moisture of the hair from washing away.

Everyone has their preferred shampoo and conditioner brand, but if you need a recommendation, Tomi recommends The Main Choice’s Halo Deep Hydration Shampoo and their Egyption Repair Conditioner.
Woman massaging split ends in shower

Get steamy

Steamy showers are really good for your curls. It can help maintain your curly and wavy hair’s definition. Try protective styles where your ends are tucked away like a bun or two braids. Something that gives the curls a rest from being tied, pulled and ruffled  all the time.
Woman smiling while washing hair in shower

Get the right tools for bed

Get yourself a silk pillowcase! We know there’s been a lot of hype about them, but silk pillowcases can work wonders by reducing friction as you tussle in your sleep. That means less frizz and tangles when you wake up. Using a bonnet or a scarp can also protect your hair. Not a fan of silk pillowcases or bonnets? No problem, just twist or braid your hair and you’re good to go to sleepy land.
Woman with curly hair sleeping on hands with head on pillow

Wuli Grooming’s Curl Cream is your best friend during Winter

Not sure where to go after these tips? Start with Wuli’s Curl Cream. Each scoop of Wuli Curl Cream contains every ingredient noted above and more – 11 active ingredients in total  that work as an elite combat squad to moisturize, exfoliate, hydrate and nourish your hair and scalp. Just apply to damp hair, spread it evenly from roots to ends, style hair how you like then air-dry to let it set. Your hair will get stronger, thicker, softer and glossier – without any greasy residue.

Your scalp needs care too! Wuli’s curl cream can help your scalp get the moisture it needs to boost hair growth and keep dandruff and itchy flare ups at bay. Once applied, there’s no need to wash your hands. Because it’s all-natural, you can leave it on your hair overnight. You can even use the excess cream in your fingers as a hand cream? How about that?

Taking care of your curly and wavy hair is not that complicated once you understand what your hair needs. Giving that extra care is easier now because of Wuli Grooming products. We created all-natural hair styling products that not only nourish your hair and scalp but also help you achieve the look – and life – you want. Happy winter.