Why do cruelty free hair products matter?

According to PETA Australia, millions of animals in Australia endure painful, frightening procedures at the hands of experimenters every year. These experiments are just plain wrong. Each year, more than 25,000 animals are subjected to tests. 

Because of this, cruelty-free claims are a big deal for ethical consumers nowadays. Cruelty-free products usually contain significantly less chemicals than non-cruelty-free products, and are healthier choices. Most importantly, cruelty-free goods are made without the use of animals or animal byproducts that cause harm to them. Imagine calling yourself a real fur parent or animal lover if you still use products that were tested on our furry companions.

How to spot “cruelty-free” products

The first way is checking for cruelty-free certification programs. 

  • A company will be certified by PETA as cruelty-free after they completed a questionnaire and signed an assurance statement. If you see a PETA logo on the product, it’s more likely cruelty-free than not.
    People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals logo
  • Another logo to pay attention to is the Leaping Bunny. Like PETA, they also has a certification process that’s more  in-depth. If you see this logo, you’re all set. Congratulations on choosing cruelty-free products!

    Leaping Bunny logo

The second way to check for cruelty-free products is to scan their website. If your chosen products don’t contain the above-mentioned logos, read their website’s About Us or FAQ section. If these parts are still questionable, check their parent company. 

If you’re still unsure with the first 2 steps, don’t hesitate to ask the brand itself. Connecting with them will clear any confusion. 100% cruelty-free brands wouldn’t be afraid to expose the details behind their products. That's why it’s best to ask them directly. 

Is Wuli Grooming cruelty-free?

100% YES! Our official Leaping Bunny certification is currently pending, but our range of products are vegan, paraben-free, and cruelty free! Every ingredient that goes into our jars and bottles adhere to global regulations. That means if regulators deem an ingredient as prohibited or dangerous, you have our guarantee it's not in any of our products. If you're worried or unsure about any ingredient, drop us a line, and we'd be happy to share more insight with you. You can also check out our FAQ section.


If you’re looking to make smarter and healthier choices, don’t hesitate to start with small steps like supporting an ethically-made brand. By doing this, you will not only live a clean life but you can help make the world of beauty a little kinder to animals.

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