about wuli


No, really, it did! Wuli Grooming's foundation started with that classic problem of discovering an OK product and wishing it could be better. My barber introduced me to a product men and women had been using for generations. It was nice. But I couldn’t shake the icky feeling of piling synthetic ingredients on my hair daily. There had to be something better out there for my hair – right? I was wrong. So, I made it happen. But that was just the beginning. 

I soon realised after using this OK product that I was building a new daily habit. Along with my usual shower, toothbrushing and dressing routine, I spared a few extra minutes each morning, nourishing my hair while keeping it on point. Why did this matter? Because I soon started to realise that I MATTER. This belief that showing the best version of myself daily to the world had a real impact. I was more mindful of what I ate, the confidence I projected, and my courage to take on greater challenges – like starting a business in the middle of a pandemic!

That one styling product set me off on a chain of new habits, and there was no turning back. My goal then became about turning this humble OK product I had, into something extraordinary. Something that tapped into the greatest source for beauty and grooming ingredients on earth – the earth itself. Synthetics and other artificial ingredients are all too common in this field. Wuli is set on showing the world that there’s no need to compromise on doing good and looking good. 

Instead of just throwing in a sprinkle of vitamin B or a dash of jojoba oil, we've packed every styling product in our range with at least eight active, all-natural ingredients. These are ingredients that work in harmony to keep treated and untreated hair as well as the scalp strong and healthy while users achieve their perfect, textured style. 

In a world full of countless options, choosing Wuli means choosing to show your world the best version of yourself every day. 

Get ready, and welcome to the Wuliverse.

Amadou Doumbia

Wuli Grooming Founder - Amadou Doumbia