Wuli Grooming Secures Coveted 2023 BeautyMatter NEXT Grant

At Wuli Grooming, we've always believed in the power of simplicity and natural ingredients to enhance your hair care routine. Today, we're thrilled to share a momentous milestone in our journey with you. We are the proud recipients of the 2023 BeautyMatter NEXT Grant, an honour that not only recognises our commitment to redefining all-natural hair care but also opens doors to the global beauty industry like never before.

Founded by Amadou Doumbia, a visionary with a passion for creating hair solutions that work, Wuli Grooming emerged from a need for effective, easy-to-use styling products specifically formulated for individuals with curly and wavy hair. 

So, what is the BeautyMatter NEXT Grant, and why is it such a significant achievement for us?

The BeautyMatter NEXT Grant

The BeautyMatter NEXT Grant, created by the global beauty industry authority, BeautyMatter, is designed to empower the future leaders of the beauty industry. It grants exclusive access to the prestigious BeautyMatter NEXT Summit 2023, where industry experts, founders, and innovators gather to explore the future of beauty from every angle—innovation, funding, supply chain management, and brand development.

Underwritten by Lubrizol Life Science, a pioneering force in skin and hair care technology with nearly a century of innovation experience, the grant is a game-changer for emerging brands like Wuli Grooming. It includes:

  • One ticket to attend the BeautyMatter NEXT Summit 2023 (valued at US$1,499)
  • Two nights of accommodation in Los Angeles, CA
  • Travel stipend
  • One-year Premium Membership to the BeautyMatter platform
  • One-year Independent Beauty Association (IBA) Membership
  • One-year mentorship program

This incredible opportunity allows us to join an exclusive group of eight recipients chosen from 125 global submissions. As the first and only Australian brand to receive this prestigious grant, we're humbled by the chance to represent our country and showcase Australian-made hair care on the global stage.

NEXT Grant Winner Announcement

The BeautyMatter NEXT Summit 2023

The BeautyMatter NEXT Summit, scheduled for October 26, 2023, promises to be a transformative event. It will bring together beauty brand founders, supply chain specialists, venture capital and investment fund Directors, international retail groups, and more. Among the confirmed speakers are industry luminaries like Jue Wong, CEO of Olaplex, Suveen Sahib, Co-Founder & CEO of K18, Don Frey, President & CEO of Independent Beauty Association, and Agustina Sartori, Sr. Director of Digital Innovation at Ulta Beauty.

As we prepare to participate in this influential platform, our founder, Amadou Doumbia, shared his thoughts: "Receiving the grant feels like recognition for the first time on the international stage for the brand I founded with the goal of redefining Australian-made hair care. I'm humbled to have the chance to showcase Wuli Grooming and can't wait to share the brand and formulas my team and I have crafted right here in Australia."

Building Connections in the Beauty Industry

Sandra Lilia Velasquez, CEO, and founder of Nopalera, and a 2022 NEXT Grant Recipient, aptly summarized the value of such opportunities: "One of the greatest assets a founder can have is a network. BeautyMatter facilitates this through their NEXT Grant Program, which puts founders in a room with key industry players."

This grant signifies more than just an achievement; it's an opportunity to forge meaningful connections, learn from industry leaders, and contribute to the future of natural hair care.

At Wuli Grooming, we're excited to embark on this incredible journey. We'll be sharing our experiences, insights, and inspirations with you after the BeautyMatter NEXT Summit 2023. Stay tuned for updates, and join us as we take the next big step in redefining Australian-made hair care.

NEXT Grant recipient seal